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Trans European Nature Network

Protected areas

The LIFE Belgium for Biodiversity project aims to better protect biodiversity in Belgium by improving the integrity of protected areas (Natura 2000 and other green infrastructure). The aim this theme is to contribute to the realisation of protected and strictly protected areas by 2030. This includes measures both inside and outside Natura 2000. We note that simultaneously with this call, an EU process is underway to determine the % protected areas and % strictly protected areas per EU region / Member State or region .  The outcome of this process is not yet known. Therefore, the project commits itself to initiate processes that will contribute to achieving these targets. This will be done by working towards three specific objectives:

  • Increasing the total area of (strictly) protected areas 
  • Connecting protected areas to ensure the integrity of the network
  • Achieving adequate management of protected areas, including promoting compliance with nature legislation