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Restoring biodiversity

Nature restoration

The overall objective of this work package/theme is to restore biodiversity through the conservation status of species and habitats/habitats. This work package/theme specifically contributes to the following project objectives:

  • Restoring ecosystems, by prioritising carbon-rich ecosystems
  • Achieve a positive trend for Natura 2000 species by 2031
  • Achieve a positive trend for Natura 2000 habitats by 2031

The project focuses on several issues:

  • Large-scale restoration: The aim is to set up restoration tools and actions at the scale of ecosystems and at the scale of the region, by ensuring coordination between all stakeholders. These actions will be implemented in Flanders, where an agenda will be set for large-scale restoration projects, including match-funding activities, and in marine ecosystems where no concrete restoration measures have been taken so far. 
  • Agri-environmental and climate measures (AECM) and nature-inclusive agriculture: Natura 2000 species and habitats will benefit from targeted restoration measures, based on the implementation of pilot projects for new AES and targeted agricultural practices. For this part of the project, Flanders and Wallonia will work closely together.