LIFE Belgium for Biodiversity contributes to the protection and restoration of biodiversity in Belgium

This project is committed to facilitating processes that contribute to the implementation of nature goals in Belgium. In this way, this project contributes to the implementation of the EU Habitats Directive, Birds Directive, EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030 and the new planned EU legal frameworks.



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Making a positive impact on biodiversity



Project call 'Natura 2000 in the spotlight'

Do you wish more people knew about Natura 2000, the network of protected areas in Europe? Do you have a good idea to raise awareness about it? Then apply to develop your project idea with the LIFE Belgium for Biodiversity (LIFE B4B) project.  


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Photo Departement Omgeving

Nature connectivity survey

On Wednesday 6 November 2024, Life B4B will be organising an interregional working group on ecological connectivity in Belgium. With this survey, which we are organising throughout Belgium, we want to sound out the players working on ecological connectivity in Belgium in order to identify current or future projects. The aim of this working group is to improve inter-regional coordination and develop possible joint project partnerships!


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If you have any questions, please contact Karolien Horckmans


The weatherfish is back in Polders of Kruibeke for the first time in 50 years

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Breeding programme of the weather fish, European common spadefoot and midwife toad

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Workshop “Collective AECM” by Natagriwal

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We are constantly working towards the Natura-2000-goals. Read how we’ve been doing

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